Meredith / Mickey

De Luxe


"An Emotional Journey"

We are so excited to share this one with the world!

Probably one of the most loving couples we have recorded, they were so friendly with us from Day 1 and in general, they are just sweet!

We are just trying to pay homenage to their sweetness by creating a film that can reflect their love!

Sincerely grateful and we LOVE you guys

Marissa / Andrew



"Love Is In The Air"

When a pandemic is hitting the world, is hard to see the bigger picture,

"Love can overcome anything"

This couple decided to only invite their closest ones and get married on a beautiful ceremony at a nearby beach and celebrate in the commodity of their backyard

Sarah / Lance

"Dancing By Ourselves"

Elopements, Minimonies, Little Weddings... the name doesn't matter, what matters is the Union.

Sarah and Lance decided to postponed their big friends and family Reception for 2022 and in the meantime they went for a beautiful and very intimate wedding.

Thank you for having us between that selected group of people! 

Jessica / Rob

"The Love Train"

Before Covid hit, this was the norm. Bridesmaids singing you songs, dogs walking down the aisle and Dad's dressed up as a red crab LoL...

This day was so much fun, everyone was so jolly and welcoming, we couldn't ask for a better couple.

Brittany / Geoff

"Love And The City"

Everything on that day was just perfect, Geoff and Brittany, Thank you so much for being so easy going with us, we felt your loving vibe from the moment we met and throughout that beautiful day.

You are truly a perfect match and hopefully the world can see it on this film!

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Couple's Choice Awards

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Couple's Choice Awards

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